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OMG stop with the bitching and moaning already


I get how one controversial goal can change a game, and how one game can change a series. Sort of. Maybe. But seriously, if one goal in game 2 can lose a series in for a team that is playing well, has led the whole time, and only loses in overtime, well, then, they weren’t much of a team to begin with, in my opinion.

I may be a little biased because the whining and complaining that happens every time there is or isn’t goaltender interference called makes me nuts. Clearly, the League needs to change its rules to allow video review of possible goalie interference when a goal is scored with an opposing player in the crease.

But I will never understand the thinking behind defensemen shoving a guy into their goalie and then crying about interference. You don’t want an opposing player in your crease? Don’t shove them there. And if you do, don’t whine about it. And don’t launch a guy into your goalie and then complain if your goalie gets hurt.


So, Hank. Explain to me how Dwight King was supposed to get out your way with you and Ryan McDonough making him the filling in a Ranger sandwich? Hmm?

Good teams overcome bad officiating, right? Or what they perceive to be bad officiating. Okay, maybe not in overtime of a game 7, but in the middle of game 2? I should certainly hope so.

Stop complaining, and just play the game.